This kid freaked me out

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hi! i don't mean to bother you so feel free to ignore this if you don't feel like answering, but since you speak spanish i thought i'd ask if there's any bands/musicians that sing in spanish (or even catalan) that you would recommend? i really enjoy your blog btw, i hope you're having a good day :')

Hey! You are not bothering me, don’t worry.

Here, some Argie musicians or bands I like. You can also listen Amaral, she is cool (her live performance is amazing). My friends listen, Reincidentes, La Fuga, Extremoduro, Avalanch, Stravaganzza, Haemorrhage, Angeles del Infierno..

About Catalan.. I don’t know if they only sing in Catalan, I didn’t listen them but I know Anegats, Sopa De Cabra, Aleix Garriga..

Some of these bands/musicians are really cool. 

Thank you! 

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i don’t understand the post-world cup football fandom like a blog’s url will be neymarsdick69 but they’ll be a real madrid fan who only posts marco reus and mats hummels fanfiction 

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we're what i dont understand i didnmt get it

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It's true, you're strong now but like last season we'll come stronger and win the league this time. I mean, it's no biggie, Real Madrid can do that and your hands will be empty left #justsayin'

but u r

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Kun Aguero with Cesc Fabregas and Filipe Luis after game ( Manchester City vs Chelsea 1 - 1).

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do you think it's stupid?

I think it’s boring and full of stupid people.

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what do you think about facebook?


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@leomessi Llegamos a los 7 millones !!! Gracias a todos !!! #7million!! Thanks 😉

@leomessi Llegamos a los 7 millones !!! Gracias a todos !!! #7million!! Thanks 😉

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